Aldepack S.r.l.



Packaging machines Turin

For more than 40 years Aldepack srl in Turin has been working on packaging machines. We are specialized in packaging, precision mechanics and electronic management with the creation of dedicated software.

Inside the San Gillio plant, in the province of Turin, we design and manufacture lines for packaging the most diverse products such as: aluminium and film rolls, bottles, automotive valves, filters, chocolates, aluminium trays, toys, bottles, frames, candies, panettoni, electrical components and much more.
The product lines that we can manufacture are composed of the following components:

  • transfer machines;
  • special cans;
  • forming machines;
  • fillers and closers of boxes;
  • cartons;
  • Cartesian and anthropomorphic manipulators;
  • cartoning machines;
  • palletizers.

Machine design
On request or at the customer's request, we create prototype plants or machines.